Prayer Wall

  • Please pray for the people supporting our ministry and their families: that they would experience God’s provision and wisdom in every area of their lives.
  • Please pray that the over 80 kids who have come to Bible Club, along with hundreds more in Character Class and Assemblies can see the love of God and accept the gospel.
  • Please continue to pray for the children and the families we are ministering to, that they remember and know the Lord Jesus Christ and find comfort and wisdom in Him in the midst of these changing times. And that our resources are a blessing and encourage them
  • Pray that God gives us the wisdom we need to organize our priorities in a way that honors Him.
  • We praise God for His faithfulness!
  • Our whole family are continuing to adjust and to connect with others in our ministry, church and community here in Oklahoma
  • God has provided a wonderful church family here in Oklahoma
  • God has continued to build our financial support team
  • God opened the door for us to teach Character Class, Assemblies, and Bible Club in school this fall!

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